IBI Technology was founded in 1989 by Hillel Hachlili. Hillel has more than 20 years of industrial control experience. He started with CMOS logic circuits to control industrial equipment before PC or practical PLC was available. Since the early 80's, Hillel has shifted toward PLC and PC as the main control platforms.

The systems that IBI Technology designs for its customers include the use of:
Stepper motors in micro-step mode for positioning
Servo motors for high performance motion
Analog input and output to control temperature, ultrasonic power, water flow and motor speed
Serial communication to control Bar Code Readers, ultrasonic power and interface between different systems
Operator interface: Touch screens, Key pads etc.
Fiber Optic Modem, Fiber Optic Sensors

At IBI Technology we help our customers in their projects from the conceptual phase through the final system test. We participate in component selection, software design, operator interface and long term support for any additional requirements.
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